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Chemical Washing Tauranga

Are you looking for a professional, reliable and efficient house cleaning company in Bay of Plenty that provides roof wash, gutter clean, pest control services? You have come to the right place. Here at YourLocal, we offer a comprehensive house cleaning Bay of Plenty service, including exterior house wash, gutter cleaning, Chemical Washing Tauranga, chimney sweeping, and everything in between.

Often, at the end of a new house or property building project, the external walls can appear dirty or tarnished due to the leftover concrete from laying the bricks. This dirt layer can be very difficult to get off without proper chemical washing solutions in Tauranga Bay of Plenty.

YourLocal technicians offer chemical washing service in Tauranga Bay of Plenty and can cleanly and neatly remove the concrete residue from the exterior of the building. The chemical washing also kills the algae, lichen and mould on the external of the house in Tauranga Bay of Plenty.

Thus, you will have a fantastic looking property that reflects not only the hard work of the builders but also the dedication and detailing from YourLocal technicians.

Our Professional Services: House Cleaning / Roof Wash / Gutter Cleaning / Chemical Washing Tauranga

Whether you are looking for roof wash, gutter cleaning, or chimney sweep service, YourLocal technicians have the best house cleaning service you’ll find in Bay of Plenty.

We go above and beyond the industry standard to provide the service you deserve. You can rely on YourLocal technicians to do the time-consuming, stressful cleaning jobs.

With our efficient, affordable and quality service, you can sit back and enjoy your weekend. Contact us today for more information or to schedule our house washing, roof wash, gutter clean, chimney sweep or any other services in Tauranga Bay of Plenty, Tauranga and Rotorua.