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Do you need a chimney sweep in Palmerston North? Here at YourLocal, we offer a comprehensive range of house maintenance and cleaning services in Manawatu. To learn more about how our experienced house maintenance specialists can look after your property or get a quote, please contact our friendly team at 0272107977.

Our Chimney Cleaning Services

Here at YourLocal, we offer a comprehensive chimney cleaning service. This will ensure that all soot, dust, cobwebs and debris are cleared out of your chimney, firebox and flues so that you get a sparkling clean new interior.
After we’ve thoroughly cleaned the inside of your chimney, we’ll take the time to inspect it for any signs of damage. We can then advise you on the best way to take care of any harm before it develops into more extensive problems in the future.
Don’t want to go hunting for a chimney repair specialist? Not to worry. Our expert technicians are also skilled in chimney repair. It’s all part of our commitment to offering you everything you need to get your home in excellent condition. You can rely on the YourLocal team to get your chimney working at its best.

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Professional Pest Control in Palmerston North

Have creepy crawlies decided to move into your home? The YourLocal team has some of New Zealand’s best expertise in dealing with unwanted pests such as rodents, insects, spiders and much more.
Our exterminators are well trained in offering professional advice and expert pest control solutions. We use safe, effective treatments to take care of that infestation without compromising the health of people or pets in the process.
We use cutting-edge products and technology to provide you with reliable, fast, and long-term pest control solutions in even the most challenging environments. You can rely on our exterminators in Palmerston North to get the job done right and make sure pests stay away from your home.

House Washing in Palmerston North

House washing is an important component of any home maintenance routine. Besides ensuring that your house looks its best and maximising your curbside appeal, a regular house wash will also help preserve your house’s structural integrity by preventing damage to its paint or foundations.
The YourLocal team only uses soft house washing. That way, we can avoid the risk of damage that high-pressure washes can create. All the power in our exterior washes come from the exceptional, high-quality eco-friendly detergents we use. It’s all part of our commitment to providing you with a friendly, professional, reliable service that gives you quality results.

Why Chimney Cleaning

Our chimney sweep services can help remove soot from your chimney, reducing the chance of dangerous fires breaking out and getting it working more effectively.
But did you know that these are just some of the many benefits a professional chimney cleaning service can offer you? Just read on to learn more about the importance of hiring a regular chimney sweeping.

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Prevent Chimney Fires

Wood fires leave behind creosote. This sticky, concentrated substance is highly flammable, and only a tiny amount of it is necessary to spark a new fire. Small fires cause damage to the inside of your chimney, which could result in expensive repairs down the line – or worse. Regular chimney cleaning can clear away accumulated creosote and reduce the chance of tragedy striking your home.

Improve Chimney Efficiency

The cleaner your chimney is, the better the wood in your fireplace will burn. By removing clogged debris from your chimney, a greater amount of oxygen will be able to reach your wood. As a result, your wood will burn at a hotter temperature. That means that you will get more heat from your chimney, reducing the amount you’ll need to pay on additional heating bills.

Easier Inspection

A thorough clean of your chimney will make it easier for your chimney sweep to inspect the inside of it.
Large amounts of accumulated soot and other forms of debris will obscure visibility. This means that signs of damage that are still at an early stage and easy to fix may go unnoticed. As a result, they may end up developing into larger, more costly or even dangerous issues.

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Avoid Smoke Inhalation and Carbon Monoxide Poisoning

Build-ups of twigs, animal nests and smoke byproducts within your chimney will impair the airflow within it. When debris builds up to excessive levels, the blockage might then channel smoke and dangerous fumes such as carbon monoxide back into your home.
Smoke and ash can damage your furnishings, rugs and even clothing and affect your family’s respiratory health.
Carbon monoxide is even more dangerous. This invisible, odourless gas is extremely difficult for humans to detect without external equipment. But at high levels, it is deadly. Regularly cleaning your chimney is thus a vital task for keeping your family safe from harm.
Whether you need a chimney sweep, pest control expert, or house washing team in Palmerston North, YourLocal is the correct answer. Just get in touch with us at 0212228601, and you’ll see first hand the superior service that keeps our customers coming back, year after year.

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