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Here at YourLocal we strive to provide high quality services that are affordable. Our teams are all very professional and friendly


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YourLocal is 100% Kiwi Owned and Operated

Franchise Opportunities Available

Going into business for yourself can be exciting! You have all of these ideas of what you'll do and what it will be like. You're enthusiastic about how much money you'll make and the flexibility that working for yourself allows for.

However, those of you who have been in business long enough will know that in reality, it's not always like that. It can be quite stressful. But joining the YourLocal franchise it will significantly reduce any possible risks and stress.

At YourLocal we have currently got a small selection of our franchises up for grabs. If you are passionate about people and aren't afraid of getting stuck into the work this is an excellent opportunity!


The Franchises available:

  • East Auckland
  • South Auckland
  • Queensland

On-The-Job Training

While previous experience in either home services or running a business would be handy to have, it is not necessary.

We will be providing a business mentor to help you step by step through the process and get you going. Also, all of our other teams are incredibly friendly, knowledgeable and would be more than happy to provide answers to any questions you may have as you go. We are always available to chat!


The YourLocal Waikato Team Members

How Did YourLocal Start?

YourLocal was first developed in 2004 by Dave Brewer. Like most businesses, it started as a small one-man band. Dave was based in Waihi and it was very slow going, to begin with. But after many years of persistence, it has since flourished into a business that spans the whole of the North Island.

We are now NZ's most trusted home service company with thousands of happy customers and we are constantly growing!

Dave 5

About Dave

Dave started his first business when he was 26. At the time he had also been gaining experience by managing supermarkets in the Waikato. His entrepreneurship was passed down to him from his parents who were self-employed for the majority of their lives.

Throughout the years Dave has started and bought about nine businesses in the retail and service industry. Each of those businesses gave Dave the insight and skills to be able to start a  business from scratch, grow it with good marketing procedures, make it profitable and then get to a point where he either had a team working for him or sold it and made a good profit.