Gutter Cleaning Manawatu & Whanganui

Proper gutter care

Regular cleaning avoids issues such as leaks, expensive damange, as well as even the possibility of having your roof collapse. Our Gutter Cleaning Service Manawatu & Whanganui ensures that you and your families wellbeing are looked after at all times.

The team at YourLocal has the knowledge and years of experience to ensure that your gutters work as they should and allow rainwater to flow through freely.

Pests such as rats, mice, insects, and birds love using debris accumulated in gutters to create nesting places. For this reason, regularly cleaning out your gutters and washing dead plant matter away can help prevent unwanted new neighbours from settling in. As these pests frequently carry harmful diseases, keeping them away from your home will mean protecting your family’s health.

Why Choose YourLocal Manawatu & Whanganui?

Do it right the first time

We will do it right the first time and follow up to ensure it was taken care of properly.

Environmentally Friendly

We care about the environment too. We know we all need to do our bit, so we take pride in knowing the products we use are environmentally friendly.

No-Obligation Free Quote

We are happy to provide a no-obligation-free quote so you can compare our pricing, this is because we know we are affordable!

We Keep Pests Away

YourLocal Whanganui and Manawatu will treat the affected areas to keep the pests away and stop them from coming back.

What Our Customers Have To Say
"James sprayed my home to exterminate cockroaches/spiders.. so very pleased, thrilled with results as have no cockroaches, spiders inside & outside my home & great to be free from cob/spiderwebs! I have no hesitation of highly, recommending James, as a professional, good man to have in & around my home!"
Eileen Stewart

"We've had a few jobs completed by James over the past two years, an exterior house wash and spider spray once a year and a borer treatment when we first moved in. Each time James has done work for us the communication has been excellent and the work completed to a very high standard. Very reasonable pricing too. Highly recommend this business."

Hayley Bashford

"I've used James for various jobs, the last was to sweep the chimney...excellent job. Left the place very clean. I highly recommend James"

John Hornblow

"Professional and friendly service. Had my chimney swept by James and he did a great job for a great price! Would happily recommend

Justine Gapes

"I cannot recommend James highly enough! I have used him several times for bug extermination, removal of a wasps nest and chimney cleaning and he is always super responsive to messages, can fit the job in promptly and does a spectacular job. Book YourLocal with absolute confidence!"

Toni Larsen

"Highly recommended, James is awesome, does a brilliant job, has great communication, you don’t wait for months for him to show up and the prices are very reasonable, highly recommend to anyone requiring these services."

Derek McNabb

"I have had James come to my assistance in several ways. Deck cleaning, deck painting, flue cleaning and clearing of gutters and down pipes. At each appointment he has communicated well, been prompt, efficient and reasonable with charges. I would thoroughly recommend James for the services he provides."

Philippa Williamson

"James did a great job for us, very professional and well priced."

Barry Pinder

"We found James very efficient and prompt. He is very professional and great to deal with. We will definitely use him again. And we have no spiders, so worked 100%"

Janine Boyden

"James came and washed our house and gutting last October, absolutely awesome person , friendly , quick and a job that we where very happy with, will definitely be using him again."

Deb Stunt


"James did an excellent job of cleaning the exterior windows on both floors of our house. We have a very high stud on both levels so it wasn't an easy job. He came when he said he would and the charge was reasonable. We appreciated his work and his reliability."

Margaret Tennant

"James has done 2 jobs for me. He bravely took care of a wasp nest. The next day it was totally dead. A great job. He also came and cleaned the gutters. He's professional and reliable and I would definitely recommend him."

Bridget Ogden

No-Obligation Free Quote

Affordable Pricing

100% Money-Back Guarantee 

Environmentally Safe


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