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Exterior House Cleaning New Zealand

All houses get dirty on the outside over time. Sometimes, we don’t even notice until one day it is all we can see when we look at the outside of our house. Does this sound familiar? Don’t worry, however, as we have the solution at YourLocal. Our exterior house cleaning NZ service will make the outside of your home look fantastic again.

Our house cleaning NZ service aims to restore the appearance of your home. House cleaning in NZ can remove dirt, grime, algae, fungus, and pesky stains, revealing the underlying beauty of your home. Getting YourLocal’s professional house cleaning service can increase the value of your NZ property, and also boost curb appeal dramatically.

We use a specially formulated soft wash technique when washing the outside of houses. Soft wash house washing is a low-impact, low-pressure alternative to power washing. This ensures the house cleaning process doesn’t damage the exterior of your property.

With certain homes, the roof tiles have been around for decades and are typically fragile. This is where the roof could benefit from a soft wash over a more intense pressure wash, as the pressure washing could cause damage to the fragile tiles. In addition, the process and the cleaning materials that we use are completely safe for you and your pets.

Whether you’ve got a more durable siding such as aluminium or metal in place, or your home is built out of a more delicate material such as stucco, brick, or natural wood, we can clean it – safely and effectively! For more information about our house cleaning service, please contact us on 0800 00 2816.

YourLocal Exterior House Cleaning Services

House washing is critical for maintaining the appearance of your home, preserving exterior siding and paint, and increasing curb appeal. And house washing isn’t just used to make your home look more beautiful.

If your house has a lot of dirt buildup, it’s a breeding ground for mould, algae, and fungus – which can discolour paint and siding, and even damage underlying materials such as wood. House washing can remove this dirt and grime – restoring the appearance of your home and preserving its structural integrity.

Our house washing process reaches deep into the surface to remove mould and mildew and also protect your roof and siding from future spores taking hold. Our soft-wash application process is extremely safe for any roof type and will not harm the environment.

You’ll get a competitive price for our exterior house washing services when you come to us too.

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Other Exterior Washing Services

At YourLocal, we can also help you keep other parts of the exterior of your home clean. This includes cleaning your roof to remove dirt, grime, moss, mould, and lichen. We can also clean out your gutters.

In addition, we offer expert and value for money window cleaning services. YourLocal technicians can also clean your chimney to remove soot from the fire passage.