Gutter Cleaning Service in NZ

Proper gutter care

Gutter Cleaning Service in NZ

Blocked gutters can do more than just cause leaks. They can damage your roof – and this can be extremely expensive, time-consuming, and disruptive to fix. These are just a few of the reasons why regular gutter cleaning in NZ is an essential task.

While it might be tempting to put off cleaning your gutters until the autumn comes around, we advise against doing so. Experts, including our roofing specialists at YourLocal, recommend that you clean your gutters out at least once a year.

Our team has the knowledge and years of experience to ensure that your gutters work as they should and allow rainwater to flow through freely. This offers a range of exceptional functional and aesthetic benefits for your home.

So if your roof needs care, turn to us for high-quality cleaning services that come with excellent customer service, all for an affordable price. To get a free, no-obligation quote, please contact us today at 0800 00 2816.

The Importance of Cleaning Your Gutters

Water becomes misdirected when gutters are blocked. This unwanted flow can damage your home over time, as it will:

  • Cause mould to grow
  • Result in foundation problems
  • Stain exterior cladding
  • Cause your fascia boards to rot
  • Lead to basement flooding
  • Cause landscape deterioration

Our gutter cleaning services can help you avoid such costly damage to your house. We start by clearing out any debris that has accumulated in your surrounding gutters. Following that, we flush out your gutters to ensure that they’re entirely cleared before we check your downpipes.
After all the debris has been cleaned and flushed out from your gutters, we meticulously clean up around your home, removing anything that has been cleared from your roof or out of your gutters.

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The Benefits of Having Your Gutters Cleaned

Clogged gutters can severely impair more than just your home’s aesthetic value and curb appeal. They can also damage your house’s structural integrity. The high-quality gutter cleaning services we provide at YourLocal can help eliminate that risk to your property.

Our team uses industry-leading equipment and a methodology resulting from years of industry experience. We will protect your home from water damage, help to prevent mildew and mould from forming and keep your home looking as good as new.

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Prevent Water Damage from Occurring To Your Home

The prevention of water damage is one of the most important reasons for ensuring that your gutters are regularly cleaned. This importance is because water damage can itself be a leading cause of further harm to your home’s structural foundations.

Clogged gutters can flood your foundations, reducing your property’s integrity. They can also lead to roof leaks, which will themselves damage other parts of your home, including your ceiling, walls, flooring and much more. This can lead to further harm to your building’s stability.

Keep Unwanted Pests Away

Pests such as rats, mice, insects, and birds love using debris accumulated in gutters to create nesting places. For this reason, regularly cleaning out your gutters and washing dead plant matter away can help prevent unwanted new neighbours from settling in. As these pests frequently carry harmful diseases, keeping them away from your home will mean protecting your family’s health.

Organic debris in your gutter is likely to decompose over time. The resulting material can then support the growth of fungi, seedlings, and other plants, which can cause roof damage and impair your home’s appearance. Gutter cleaning helps prevent this from happening by ensuring that collected plant matter is washed away.


Protect Your Home Against Basement Flooding

Water easily overflows from clogged gutters. This flooding can result in liquid spilling and collecting around your basement, where it can seep in and cause flooding.

Flooding in your basement can cause severe damage to furniture and possessions, especially valuables such as electronics, which could become irreversibly ruined. What’s more, water collecting around electronic items could cause severe safety risks.

Basement flooding also creates an environment where mould and mildew thrive. Mould spores can harm your family’s respiratory health and are likely to trigger allergic reactions. Regularly keeping your gutters cleaned will ensure that rainwater is drained away from your home, preventing the nightmarish problem of a flooded basement.

Increase The Lifespan Of Your Roof

Gutter cleaning can do more than just make your roof look tidy – regular maintenance can expand the roof’s lifespan itself. That means that you’ll avoid the need for costly and troublesome roof replacements or repairs in the near future.

But how can clogged gutters cause damage to your roof? This is because trapped gutters can lead to ice collecting in the winter. This ice can add unnecessary stress and weight to your roof, which could, over time, lead to an unexpected collapse of your roofing materials. In addition, the frozen water can force your shingles apart. This can lead to roof leaks and cause damage to the shingles themselves.

On the other hand, adequately maintained gutters help water and ice to flow away from your roof, preventing the accumulation of excess weight and resulting structural strain.

Protect Your Family’s Health

There are numerous ways in which gutter cleaning can help ensure your family’s hygiene and safety. For example, we’ve discussed how regularly maintaining your gutters prevents damage to your roof or basement or potential breeding spots for disease-bearing pests such as rats and mice.

The decomposing organic matter that collects in your gutters can also contaminate your home’s water supply. This can make it unsafe for domestic use and risk causing illness. It can also help mould and mildew growth, which can, in turn, affect your family’s health.

Regularly cleaning your gutters thus plays a vital role in safeguarding the comfort and safety of your family.

Enhance Your House’s Beauty And Value

Gutters are a significant part of your home’s exterior. For this reason, beautifully cleaned and well-maintained gutters can drastically improve your home’s appeal and, thus, its overall value.
In contrast, neglected gutters can do more than just lower your home’s value. Over time, the overflow their blockage causes can stain the surrounding fascia boards, weaken their structural integrity, and even fall off. These signs of visible damage will make it harder for you to attract a buyer or achieve the best possible price when you put your home up for sale.

On the other hand, regular cleaning will make your home look more presentable and demonstrate that you care about the upkeep of your property.

Extend The Lifespan of the Gutters Themselves

It’s simple – clean gutters last longer than unclean, clogged gutters.

This longevity is due to the fact that the debris and particulate that accumulates in clogged gutters place additional, unnecessary weight on them. Over time, this added strain can even cause your gutters to detach from the surrounding fascia and fall off entirely.

The organic matter that gathers in clogged gutters can also cause rusting and corrosion.
These reasons are why routine gutter cleaning will help extend the lifespan of your gutters. They’ll also help prevent the need for extra external maintenance or the purchase and installation of replacement gutters, which can burn a large hole in your pocket.

Because your gutters play such an essential role in protecting your home’s integrity, when the gutters themselves are damaged and unable to perform their primary function of channelling rainwater away from your house, other issues can arise. These include a higher risk of damage to fascia boards, your home’s foundation, attracting pests, and much more.

Gutter Guards

Gutter guards can help to prevent the undesirable build-up of debris in your gutters. While they can be a helpful accessory, they do not stop everything from getting in and, for this reason, are not a foolproof solution nor a complete replacement for routine maintenance and gutter cleaning.

Plus, gutter guards aren’t suitable for all situations or types of property. If you’re considering adding gutter guards to your home, get in touch with the team at YourLocal for expert advice. We can recommend the best preventative measures for your gutters and, if necessary, supply and fit the proper gutter guards for your pipes.

When you choose specialist technicians at YourLocal for gutter cleaning, you’ll get a fully comprehensive job. We’ll do more than just remove the leaves that have gathered in your gutters and on the valleys of your roof. We’ll also inspect the area for any damages.

Our gutter cleaning methods are time-tested and proven. You won’t have to deal with the headache, time, and safety risks that come with trying to painstakingly get onto your roof and clean out your gutters yourself.

So when the time comes for this vital home maintenance task, turn to the experts. Ready to get your gutters cleaned and looking good as new? Just contact us at 0800 00 2816 for a quote or to schedule a service.