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YourLocal is one of the best cleaning providers for commercial and residential water blasting service in NZ. We only use quality products and updated professional equipment to ensure you receive the most efficient water blasting service in NZ. We pride ourselves on delivering customer service excellence and outstanding results at affordable and competitive prices.

Water blasting is far more beneficial than you could ever imagine, especially when it comes to removing graffiti and unwanted old paint. It speeds up the process and ensures that you’re able to get done much quicker. YourLocal technicians have access to very powerful washers, and this allows us to get rid of the toughest stains.

We can safely and effectively clean any exterior without the risk of damage. Call us today at 0800 00 2816 to arrange an obligation-free quotation regarding your water blasting requirements.

Hire Professional Water Blasting Service in New Zealand from the Experts

If you are looking for professional water blasting service in New Zealand, then you’ve come to the right place. YourLocal technicians are well trained and have extensive experience using pressurised washing equipment. We understand the risks involved in using it and would not harm you or your building’s exterior surfaces that are not designed to withstand the high water pressure.

With our water blasting service, you can avoid the costly damages you might cause if you do it yourself. When you hire our experienced professionals to clean your property, we know how to do this job thoroughly without the risk of damage or injury.

Additionally, when necessary, we use a soft wash method to clean exterior surfaces that can’t withstand pressurised water blasting. This uses a low-pressure application of biocide, and eco-friendly detergents followed up by a good rising down and all at no more pressure than your average garden hose.

Whether you are looking to clean a few green stains from your exterior wall or driveway, here at YourLocal, we take great pride in making every property we clean look its absolute best. Contact us today for more information about our services.