House Cleaning Tips That Make Life Easier

Washing the Exterior of House

House Cleaning Tips That Make Life Easier

We have compiled our top 5 house cleaning tips that will make life easier, along with saving you both time and money in the long run. Maintaining the interior and exterior of a home sounds like a BIG job but it doesn’t have to be.

With regular cleaning and upkeep, you can prevent and delay costly repair services on your home.

The trick is simply knowing what to focus on. 

House Cleaning Tips:

1. Clean The Exterior Of Your House Every 12 – 18 Months

Cleaning the exterior of a house is important. Regular cleaning can prolong the life of exterior paint work and cladding. Re-painting is an expensive maintenance cost but is essential for most houses, however the length of time in between paint jobs can be extended with regular professional cleaning. 

The average house will need a new lick of paint every 5-10 years. Factors such as the environment and exposure to the weather will greatly affect its lifespan. Without regular cleaning, a complete repaint might be needed every 5 years. This is usually due to the accumulation of:

  • Dirt
  • Grime surrounding your windows
  • Algae in between weatherboards
  • Mould
  • Stubborn stains and marks

Regular house washing will not only double the life of exterior paint, but will also prevent future costly repairs. Annual washing will help deter the onset of rot and mould and this is the best way to keep window frames and weatherboards clean and protected too. 

2. Keep Your Gutters Clear
House Washing with Waterblaster

Most people only realise how full their gutters are when it rains. Having streams of water flowing over gutters isn’t just annoying, it’s potentially damaging to the structure of your house!

Clogged gutters can cause severe damage to the foundations of houses. With water running over the piping and onto the ground, it forms pools of water that seep underneath your house. This may weaken the foundations and encourage the growth of mould and rot. Having guttering kept clean and free of debris will ensure the important strutural parts a building are protected from the rain and kept dry over autumn. 

Blocked gutters and misdirected water can have devastating effects on the structure a building, without regular cleaning:

  • Rot and mould taking hold.
  • Foundation problems.
  • Flooding of lower levels and basements.
  • Deterioration of your garden.
  • Staining of your cladding.

A yearly gutter clean is recommened, but if a property is situatated beside leafy trees, this be done 6 monthly. If you are unable to do this yourself, enlisting a professional to clean and flush your gutters will guarantee the job is done right. Also, a good gutter cleaner will also make you aware of any damage caused by rain or debris.

3. Have Your Carpets Professionally Cleaned

Improving the look and smell of a home can be done easily and effectively with a professional carpet cleaner. A standard vacuum cleaner just isn’t going to cut it when removing stains, smells and unwanted dirt from the floors.

A total carpet replacement is a big, expensive investment. So having your carpets cleaned by a professional will give the look and feel of a new home while being cost-effective, quick and provide instant results. 

Carpets should be cleaned every 18 months – 2 years, depending on the foot-traffic. Getting a comprehensive quote for a professional clean is a sure way to see how beneficial a deep clean will be to the livability of your home. 

4. Clean Your Roof

The appearance of a roof sets the tone for the entire exterior of a home. Therefore having it clean and mould free is a sure way to add value to a property, along with reducing the unsightly look of moss and lichen.

Roof pressure washing is a cost-effective, preventative measure that will stop leaks from forming and protect a home’s structural integrity.

Some of the benefits of regular roof washing is:

  • Removes granule eating algae
  • Discover existing repair needs
  • Eradicate moss
  • Sanitise your roof from bird poo
  • Make your home look new

Roof cleaning should be done every 18 months – 2 years depending on the surrounding enviroment. And if your home or building is near leafy trees and positioned in the shade, a yearly roof clean is recommended. If you don’t have the time or equipment to do this at-heights-job, having your roof cleaned by professionals is a good option. They know how to pressure wash safely and effectively to make sure your roof doesn’t get damaged, as well as being trained to work at heights.

Finally House Cleaning Tip 5: Get your Chimneys Cleaned

A chimney sweep every year is not only a cleanliness issue but is also a safety precaution. Most home and contents insurance states that you must maintain and clean your chimney once every year, so we advise checking your policy.  

Reducing the risk of fires can be dramatically reduced by having regular chimney sweeps. A chimney sweep clears out birds nests, leaves and debris that fall on your roof throughout the year, they also:

  • Provide a comprehensive inspection of your chimney
  • Assess the condition of your chimney
  • Remove combustible soot
  • Ensure the draft is sufficient
  • Offer peace of mind that your chimney is not posing any potential danger to the safety of your home

For a thorough chimney clean enlist an experienced and professional team. By using a professional, the job won’t take long and it will significantly improve the fire protection of your home. 

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