Is your shower glass or grout in need of an overhaul? Try our glass and grout restoration and protection service.

We clean your shower glass by removing those unwanted stains using a buffer and commercial cleaning products. These are safe for you are on the environment.

Our grout service consists of first deep cleaning the grout then re-colouring it. This will truly transform your whole bathroom.
We promise you will go WOW – most people do.

Free no obligation trial before restoring your shower glass or grout.

Our team of experienced glass and tile restorers are also licenced applicators of the very successful EnduroShield®.

Glass & Grout Coating

EnduroShield® is a revolutionary easy clean coating that creates an ultra-long lasting invisible shield on all glass, ceramic or porcelain tile, grout, stainless steel, and chrome surfaces.

The coating is a clear liquid that is sprayed onto the surface and polished in, creating a permanent non-stick barrier that is both water and oil repellent, and resistant to corrosion, etching and staining.

Reduce cleaning time by up to 90%!

EnduroShield® easy clean treatment creates an ultra-long lasting shield on all glass surfaces. The glass coating reduces cleaning time and frequency. EnduroShield® repels water and contaminants, and helps protect against staining, etching and build-up from:

  • Soap scum, body oils and grime
  • Limescale and hard water
  • Salt and chlorine spray
  • Cement slurry

No More Hard Scrubbing

Cleaning is made easier using only a microfiber cloth with water and a mild detergent or white vinegar. Suitable for all types of glass:

  • Shower screen glass
  • Glass pool fencing
  • Balustrades and railings
  • Windows and skylights
  • Façades
  • Solar Panels
  • Marine and automotive

So Why EnduroShield®?

  • Glass stays cleaner for longer
  • Makes cleaning a breeze
  • Protects against both water & oil based stains
  • Superior protection against staining & etching
  • Once only application and no revitiliser products required
  • UV stable & environmentally friendly
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