Preparing Your Property For Summer

With the arrival of spring and the warmer weather, we all start to look forward to spending time with friends around the BBQ and enjoying our outdoor spaces.

You might be ready for summer but is your property?

Below are my top 3 tips for preparing your property for the summer weather, so you can make the most of being outdoors.

Top tips for preparing your property for summer!

1. Deck & Patio Cleaning

It’s time to clean your deck and patio

We often see that during the winter months a lot of home maintenance gets neglected due to the bad weather. Which then leaves parts of your home such as your deck or patio area looking noticeably rundown.

At YourLocal we suggest getting your patios and decks cleaned once a year. Sping is a great time to do this. Yearly cleaning keeps them free from dirt, grime, algae, fungus.  If they are positioned in a very shady, damp area or near leafy trees, you many need to clean these twice a year to keep them safe from becoming a slip hazard.

We recommend treating the patio or deck first with an environmentally friendly cleaner to help lift the dirt and grime.  Follow with soft, not hard water blasting, to preserve the decking material and avoid any damage. 

2. Exterior House Washing

It’s time to clear away the cob webs!

Spring is a good time of year to clear away the cob-webs – literally!  All houses get dirty on the outside over time, including being covered with cob-webs!  Sometimes, we don’t even notice until one day it is all we can see when we look at the outside of our house

Again at YourLocal we suggest washing your house exterior once a year, to help preserve your exterior siding and paint for longer.  

Treat the exterior of your home first with an environmentally friendly cleaner to help lift the dirt and grime.  Follow with soft washing to avoid any damage. 

3. Pest Invasions

Avoid pests ruining your summer

Spring is the time of year to treat your home for bugs.  The warmer months see an increase of insects invading your home.   At YourLocal we suggest treating the exterior & interior of your home – walls, ceilings, window frames and floors with an environmentally friendly and pet-safe spray. 

We recommend cleaning the exterior of your home first to get the most benefit out of treatment. 

Time Poor & Need Our Help?

If you are poor on time, our team are available to help with any of these tasks on your to-do-list to get you ready for BBQ season. 

The products we use for cleaning your properties exterior and for pest control are environmentally friendly, won’t cause any staining or damage and won’t harm your family or pets. 

Also during these uncertain times we still offer pest control services no matter what level the country or individual regions are in.