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Roof cleaning is required because the oceanic, damp climate in Auckland is a perfect breeding ground for moss, algae and lichens to grow. These organisms can cause short and long term damage to your roof, adding massive amounts of weight to your roof and eating into tiles and mortar, forcing them apart. If left untreated, you could require a replacement roof. That is why you need help from YourLocal roof cleaning experts in Auckland.

We treat the surface of your roof with a special roof cleaning solution which will kill and loosen organic material and start breaking down pollutants. This type of roof cleaning Auckland process does not involve high-pressure washing which would damage the roofing, yet will achieve the same results as with pressure washer.

The best results are usually visible after a few weeks. The chemicals will have a long time to work on the surface of the roof and restore the original colour and look of the roof. As a result of doing this, we ensure the roof cleaning Auckland service we carry out will last many years.

Contact YourLocal for the highest level of service when it comes to roof cleaning in Auckland.

Benefits of YourLocal Roof Cleaning Service in Auckland

  • Restore the look of your roof
  • Prevent damage and water ingress
  • Prevent regrowth
  • Tiles and cement work is left unscathed and in place

YourLocal’s cleaning process will transform the look of an old and dirty looking roof into one that looks like new. With our roof cleaning Auckland service, we remove the dirt and grime and restore the original colour and look of the tiles or slates. By removing moss from the roof, it will also help to prevent future damage.

We use a special biocide treatment to remove and prevent the regrowth of moss, lichen and algae. After roof cleaning in Auckland, rainwater will wash off the roof and take the residue biocide into the gutters and away from the building. All our roof cleaning Auckland products eco-friendly and will have no harm to you, your pets or the environment.

Whether you are looking for roof clean services in East Auckland, South Auckland, West Auckland or the North Shore, YourLocal specialists are here to help.

Additionally, excessive moss growth on roofs will eventually lead to overflowing gutters from blockages (this will lead to internal dampness). We also offer gutter cleaning service to ensure all gutters are clear and run freely.

With our roof washing Auckland service, we use a special treatment spray that removes all of the dirt, stains and moss. That not only will make a huge improvement in how your house looks, but it will also improve the longevity of the roof.

Roof Cleaning

Roof Washing South Auckland / Roof Washing East Auckland

Roof washing in Auckland is a great way of improving the look of your house. Whether your roof is slates or tiles, we have the expertise and experience to restore the roof to the original colour. We offer roof cleaning services in South Auckland, East Auckland, West Auckland and the North Shore.

Regular roof washing in Auckland is not only vital for visual reasons, but also to prolong its life. Although moss and algae don’t directly damage the roof tile, they do create quicker degradation of the roof itself as they absorb moisture which can penetrate to the undersurface.

For more information about our roof clean service in East Auckland, West Auckland, South Auckland, or the North Shore, call our friendly team today on 0800 002 816.

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