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Chimney Sweep NZ

Chimney Sweep Service New Zealand

If you have a firebox in your home, you need to keep your chimney and flue clean. This is because soot and other debris build up in the chimney as the smoke travels up your chimney. Without regular cleaning, your chimney can become blocked, a situation which can cause fires to break out – fires where you don’t want them. You can rely on us, YourLocal chimney sweep NZ experts, to ensure your chimney is safe to use and works efficiently.

We pride ourselves as one of the most trusted and reliable chimney cleaning companies in NZ with a high rate of customer satisfaction and retention. Our courteous and professional chimney sweep NZ team have years of experience and complete the chimney sweep to the highest possible standards. We can schedule an annual chimney sweep or book a one-off clean if you haven’t used your fireplace for a long time.

Please call us today to find out more and to book our chimney services.

Regular Cleaning to remove soot and prevent dangerous fires

If you are searching for “chimney services near me” or “chimney cleaning NZ”, you have come to the right place. At YourLocal, we offer professional and affordable chimney sweep services carried by our experienced and well-trained experts throughout NZ.

Using the very latest in chimney cleaning technology, we will leave your chimney and home perfectly clean. We recommend that you use our chimney sweep NZ services once a year, particularly if your chimney gets regular use.

A chimney sweep in NZ is carried out for a few reasons:

  • Remove combustible soot from the chimney or flue.
  • Ensure the draught is sufficient to support the appliance.
  • An annual inspection of the chimney and appliance for defects.
  • Clear cobwebs and other debris which can hinder draught.
  • Assess the condition of chimney stack and terminals.
  • Inspect the appliance.
  • House insurance cover.

What We Do

When you book us for chimney sweep services in NZ, we will make sure your chimney is comprehensively cleaned. Chimney cleaning is dirty work, though, so before we start, we’ll lay covers to protect carpets and other floorings.

Once we have the chimney cleaned, we’ll check it for damage. We can then make recommendations on what you should do next. We also offer repair services of your flue and other parts of your firebox and chimney.

Once we have finished our work, we’ll vacuum to make sure everything is left clean and tidy.

To improve the air quality in your home and prevent chimney fires, contact YourLocal chimney services team near you. 

What You Can Expect from Our Chimney Sweep NZ Service

  • A courteous and highly trained chimney sweep NZ team
  • Cleanliness assured
  • Reliability – We will make every effort to be on time
  • Professionalism and highest standards of service 
  • We leave your place as clean as we found it
  • Competitive pricing
  • Ongoing advice
  • Customer satisfaction guaranteed

For a fast and professional chimney NZ service, call us today on 0800 002 816.

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