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Chimney Sweep NZ

If you have a firebox in your home, you need to keep your chimney and flue clean. This is because soot and other debris builds up as the smoke travels up your chimney. Without regular cleaning, your chimney can become blocked, a situation which can cause fires to break out – fires where you don’t want them.

Chimney Cleaning

At YourLocal, we offer professional and affordable chimney sweep services carried by an experienced and well-trained team. Our recommendation is that you use our chimney sweep services once a year, particularly if your chimney gets regular use.

Please call us today to find out more and to book our chimney sweep services.

What We Do

When you book us for chimney sweep services, we will make sure your chimney is comprehensively cleaned. It’s dirty work, though, so before we start, we’ll lay covers to protect carpets and other flooring.

Once we have the chimney cleaned, we’ll check it for damage. We can then make recommendations on what you should do next. We also offer repair services of your flue and other parts of your firebox and chimney

Once we have finished our work, we’ll vacuum to make sure everything is left clean and tidy.

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