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Roof Cleaning

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Moss, mould, and lichen on your roof looks terrible. They detract from the appearance of your property and make your home look uncared for. This is bad enough, but there are even bigger problems caused by moss, mould, and lichen – they can cause damage to your roof if not removed, particularly lichen.

Our roof cleaning services at YourLocal are the solution. That said, roof cleaning doesn’t properly describe exactly what we do. A better description is we will treat your roof to remove the moss, mould, and lichen.

This is a much more effective method compared to using high-pressure washing which can damage your roof. Our treatments are effective and cause no damage whatsoever.

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How Our Clean Roof & Washing Treatments Work

To remove moss, mould, and lichen from your roof, we use a spray comprised of a specially formulated solution. We then apply this treatment to the affected areas of your roof.

This breaks down the moss, mould, and lichen over a very short period of time, allowing rain to wash them away.

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