What Stops Ants Coming In

Ant in kitchen

What Stops Ants Coming In?

While ants are fascinating creatures that play an important ecological role through soil aeration and organic recycling, they are not something you want invading your home. People often ask – what stops ants coming in? Unfortunately, unlike other pests such as rats or cockroaches, ants don’t just appear in ones or twos. They regularly arrive in the hundreds.

How Do They Find Their Way Inside?

During the beginning of the spring months, an ant colony will send out worker ants to scout out for food. This is when the possibility of having ants inviting themselves into your home is a problem. It is common knowledge that ants tend to prefer sugary substances. This is an issue as the easiest place to find sugar is inside our homes. During the foraging process, the worker ant will leave a trail of scent so that it will be able to tell how to return back to the colony. This trail is also how other foragers are able to come back to that spot. So if you find a single ant in your home it might mean more visitors later on.

The Best Way To Get Rid of Ants

By the sheer nature of the ant’s size, it is near impossible to prevent them from coming inside. For some people who regularly have large invasions of ants, you may want to seal the crevices in window frames and doorways. However, this method is time-consuming and tedious, and it does not ensure the prevention of ants entering the house.

The easiest way to avoid ants in the first place is to have a clean house. Things such as cleaning up spills immediately, thoroughly cleaning surfaces you use for meal preparation, and regularly vacuuming ensuring that there aren’t any crumbs from meals left on the floor, will all help avoid ants. The use of products such as lavender or peppermint spray, salt, turmeric, or paprika around the area the ants enter through can help deter them.

However, once they are inside it is much harder to get them out. There are many different methods for getting rid of ants but unfortunately, the majority of them can be ineffective. The reason for this being that you are only killing the ants themselves but the trail that they have left behind is still there. If you are able to figure out the direction they take to get to the food source and have effectively removed the ants from the inside, then the best method is to clean their route with strong soap.

What To Do When All Else Fails

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